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"Gardens are not momentary purchases; they are weathered worn-in spaces, arranged and crafted by hand and imagination"

We are a garden services company working out of Shepton Mallet, Wells, Glastonbury, Bruton and Frome including all surrounding villages. For major projects, we take in the rest of Somerset, Wiltshire, Devon and Dorset.

We undertake the full spectrum of garden work including: garden maintenance and regular gardening; garden landscaping and construction; garden design and consultation; and garden tutorial and advice 

Our founder Matt has worked as a gardener for over 15 years, building a vast array of skills and knowledge within the horticultural industry. He has gained qualification through botanical gardens and is the previous Head Gardener at Kilver Court in Somerset, he is also a published garden writer. As a garden designer, he has built a reputation for curating gardens to the highest modern standard that balance harmony to nature and creative flair and style. An intuitive and deeply knowledgable plantsman, his plant-led designs take echoes from the rich traditions of the past and combine them with the cutting edge in contemporary innovation. In a changing climate, our gardens must look to the future, and Matt's gardens establish a robustness to face this challenge with an aesthetic beauty that reflects the natural world.





Our signature ethos is to take a long view, bespoke approach to every garden or project. Knowledge, skill, style and vision are hard-worn through years of endeavour and these attributes are brought to bear to shape gardens into extraordinary spaces



We look to apply expert knowledge and detail to every aspect of gardening in the Somerset region: from encouraging overgrown roses and wisterias back to rude health and abundant flower, to managing wildflower meadows through cycles of development. All and every facet of garden services and garden maintenance is covered and undertaken with the attention to detail and enthusiasm that will bring your garden into an ordered, colourful, playful and inviting space that's full of life


The 'bones' of the garden - as landscape gardeners we have a wide range of skills, methods and styles to suit your garden. Whether that be dry or standard walling in new or reclaimed stone, Tudor-brick paths and edging or immaculately polished limestone paving, we can adapt our style and the materials to your wishes and taste. Other landscaping services include: digger work, fencing, lawn laying, steps, decking, ponds and many more 


With established links to some of the very best garden plant growers and producers in the Somerset and South West region, we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of the plants we provide for your garden. Whether working to a detailed plan or renovating and rejuvenating old planting areas, our attention to detail in correct planting techniques, soil conditions and watering regimes give our plants the best chance for long-term durability and health. 


If, like all of us, you just really want to get out there and spend more time in your own garden then having some expert gardening tutorials can be a massive help. Gardens, and plants more specifically, can be rather daunting and mysterious and this can cause trepidation and fear towards them. Knowledge is the backbone of all great gardening and that knowledge is built up over years if not decades. A one-to-one tutorial with Matt - an expert gardener and plantsman - will unravel these mysterious and teach you expert techniques that will propel you out into your garden once again and you will never again have to ask: when do you prune that rose again?



Our designs look to elevate spaces beyond the functional and into the desirable.

Plants and elemental materials combine in carefully orchestrated harmony to bring form, structure, colour and playfulness into otherwise forgotten and shapeless areas.

Our own style will always adapt to every new project and collaboration with a view towards making a garden set for the present day and sustainable towards the future 



When deciding to make changes to your garden it is often hard to visualise the final outcome. This is because an understanding of natural space and a depth of knowledge of plants and materials is required and that only comes from years of garden design experience. We have found a consultation has been vital at this initial stage to help alleviate these shortcomings and help you see clearly the way ahead. This consultation will involve an hour of talks in the garden between you and Matt and then he will spend another hour writing up a report with all ideas, suggestions and logistics included. You would then be under no obligation to proceed with us and yet still have all the information and clarity of vision. 


Nothing can make a garden project come alive quite like seeing it drawn out on paper. We provide a full dimensioned and detailed outline 2D design that will show all landscaping elements suggested to be undertaken. Also provided will be a comprehensive garden planting plan with accompanying colour plant palette and detailed 'road map' to post-planting maintenance and development. Sometimes 2D drawing doesn't provide enough visualisation and this case a 3D impressionistic colour sketch is an illuminating aid see what the garden will become. These elements can be taken as a whole package or as individual selections i.e. you only want a planting plan or a 2D design is all that is needed. 




Matt has been published many times on all manner of different subjects throughout the gardening and horticultural world. His writing typically looks beyond only what you can see in the garden and begins to unravel the layers of mystery and intrigue that they possess. He says himself: 


"A passion for gardening is like drinking from a cup that never runs dry, and writing distils the discourse that flows from this endeavour"

Matt also does talks, lectures and gardening masterclasses and to book him for either these or writing commissions then contact either through email or phone listed at the bottom of the page or on the Regenerative Gardening blog linked below





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